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Компания Avago Technologies представила новые микросхемы ALM-80110 и ALM-80210


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Сверхминиатюрные термокомпенсированные кварцевые генераторы


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GaN несогласованный транзистор компании RF Micro Devices


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Силовой N-канальный МОП-транзистор NTMFS4927N компании ON Semiconductor


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Монолитные интегральные схемы СВЧ переключателей компании Hittite Microwave


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Series 22 Geo-Marine®

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GLENAIR (ГЛЕНАИР) Series 22 Geo-Marine®Series 22 Geo-Marine® High Density Connectors

Glenair"s Series 22 Geo-Marine® Connectors offer high-density insert arrangements for a variety of oceanographic, geophysical and other severe environmental applications. The mated stainless steel plug and receptacle have a hydrostatic pressure sealing capability of up to 5000 psi (345 bar) and are available in either glass-seal hermetic or rigid dielectric environmental insulators. Other key features of the Series 22 Geo-Marine connectors include. Single-start, stub-Acme thread for quick-coupling of plug and receptacle reduces thread fouling and binding due to dirt, grit and other foreign matter. Castellated and knurled plug coupling ring provides easy mating and unmating, even with arctic gloves. Plug shell leading edge configuaration assures key-keyway alignment and engagement prior to mating of the plug coupling ring threads.


Series 22 Geo-Marine® Bulkhead Feed-Through Connectors

Series 22 Bulkhead Feed-Through Connectors are double ended receptacles with feed-through pin-pin, socket-socket, or pin-socket contacts which accomodate corresponding mating 220-06/220-16 plugs on each end. The pin contact side can be supplied in either Class E (environmental) or Class H (hermetic) to meet specific application requirements. The basic construction of these feed-through connectors is the same as the standard Series 22 receptacles.
Series 22 Bulkhead Feed-Through Connectors can be designed and produced to meet individual installation requirements, such as mounting style, bulkhead thickness and sealing provisions. Contact Glenair for further details to meet specific application needs.


Series 22 Geo-Marine® Backshells and Connector Accessories

Glenair statinless steel connector accessories are ideally suited for use in harsh environments where resistance to high temperatures, outgassing, corrosive fluids, fire, shock and vibration is required. Corrosive resistant stainless steel connector accessories (QQ-S-763 AISI 300 Series) are passivated to QQ-P-35. Several styles, including molding adapters and cable strain-reliefs are available as standard catalog offerings. Glenair is also able to offer other backshell types for EMI/ RFI applications. Please consult factory for EMI/RFI and combined EMI/RFI/Environmental designs.


Custom Overmolded Geo-Marine® Cable Assemblies and Application Worksheet

Glenair offers users of Series 22 Geo-Marine connectors a complete custom cabling service, designing and producing cable assemblies or harnesses to meet the users" specific application requirements.






Компания Silicon Laboratories представила серию Si51x
в которую входят кварцевые генераторы и кварцевые генераторы
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Компания KEMET представила керамические чип-конденсаторы
предназначенные для монтажа на единую монолитную структуру.
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С праздником 23 февраля


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Генераторы с низкой G-чувствительностью
 для военных и промышленных приложений
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Cнижение цен на модели

драйверов светодиодов AIMTEC

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